Integrates the maximum number of standard sensors at a competitive market cost


QART Box production applicable to several urban fixtures. Small, flexible and discreet QART BOX


Equipment (calibrated and parameterized) emits online information

Access Portal

Multipoint access portal by client with the information properly processed


Creates an intercity benchmark model and conducts supra municipal analysis


Interaction capability for traffic routing, traffic signaling, alarms, lighting


Reduces costs to public authorities and enables real time actions - Custom Interfaces

Historical Series

Starts the creation of historical series and valuates the databases and its integration with others

What QART measures

QART devices measure a large group of gases and other air quality parameters, such as particulates. Noise, temperature and humidity are also measured. These systems are verified and calibrated in compliance with EU standards.

Optional sensors

In specific scenarios QART can have extra sensors to measure different types of gases.